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Identity, that spectator of what he calls himself,
That net and aggregate of energies in transient combination.

Feb 032023

A cause to die for attracts the man with little to live for.

Jan 252023

Whatever you have done, you are the sort of person who would do that.

Jan 172023

Nothing bores in on a man like his own uselessness, and no job title, salary, praise or prestige will permit him to hide it from himself.

Dec 192022

Closets are fine things, and one should no more parade one’s proclivities in public than strew one’s clothing on the floor.

Dec 072022

Disgust, though never dispositive, is always indicative, to be disregarded at one’s peril.

Dec 012022

“Keeping options open” is the modern declaration of perpetual adolescence: always glutted with choices and never choosing, always becoming and never being, forever studying the menu.

Nov 292022

Eccentric behavior, like a genetic mutation, is usually deleterious, sometimes neutral, rarely beneficial, and occasionally lethal.