Identity, that spectator of what he calls himself,
That net and aggregate of energies in transient combination.

Dec 262018

Don’t make big plans at small hours.

Dec 102018

The best recipient for your advice, your former self, is unfortunately in no position to take it.

Nov 282018

Humanity, n.   Quality or condition of being human; lowest common denominator.

Nov 272018

The solitary man affronts, preferring his own company to yours.

Nov 202018

Romanticism is the idea that we should express our inner self; classicism, that we have no inner self to express.

Nov 162018

It is difficult to hear those who can’t speak for themselves over the din of those who presume to speak for them.

Nov 092018

Things are so much as they seem that good-looking people really are more virtuous.

Nov 062018

We glimpse ourselves only when we gaze at something else.

Oct 232018

The young, though immortal, are in a dreadful hurry.

Oct 172018

We used to suspect that our friends and neighbors were mad, and now, thanks to modern technology, we know they are.