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You never find people endeavoring to convince you that you may live very happily upon a plentiful fortune.

Oct 202016

The lottery ticket is cheap, it’s the hope that’s expensive.

Sep 152016

The shrewdest strivers all profess a deep and abiding respect for intellect, provided it keeps its distance.

Sep 072016

With his philanthropy the tycoon assuages his guilt for the good he has done with his business.

May 162016

The Four Irrational Beliefs of Highly Effective People

1. Optimism
2. Control
3. Forecasting ability
4. All-around superiority

Apr 192016

The usual fantasy life is only a deluxe version of the actual one.

Mar 042016

The contemporary businessman cares only for art, and the contemporary artist only for money.

Feb 222016

If the efficient-market hypothesis were true, someone would have thought of it before Fama.

Feb 122016

The very worst people are never much interested in money.

Dec 172015

If one person can destroy your business, you may as well have a job.

Nov 262015

Americans must be stupid; they are so rich.