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You never find people endeavoring to convince you that you may live very happily upon a plentiful fortune.

Nov 242017

We spend the first half of our lives accumulating possessions and the second half getting rid of them.

Sep 272017

Not so long ago people were enslaved by other than comfort, choice, and convenience.

Aug 092017

To take a bribe and deliver nothing in return makes one no less corrupt, only less reliable.

Mar 272017

It is possible to be overprivileged, and certainly to be underprivileged, but not, it seems, to be privileged just right.

Mar 012017

Every discipline attempts to transfer sovereignty from the consumer to the producer; “professionalism” is our name for a successful coup.

Feb 152017

You can have nice things, or you can let everybody use them.

Feb 132017

To lose one’s money folly used to be enough; today it also requires ambition.

Jan 252017

Most of us have finally learned to stop glamorizing poverty; now if we could only learn to stop glamorizing wealth.