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You never find people endeavoring to convince you that you may live very happily upon a plentiful fortune.

Feb 222016

If the efficient-market hypothesis were true, someone would have thought of it before Fama.

Feb 122016

The very worst people are never much interested in money.

Dec 172015

If one person can destroy your business, you may as well have a job.

Nov 262015

Americans must be stupid; they are so rich.

Nov 042015

The Puritans labored, not to persuade God to elect them — that was decided — but to show the neighbors that He had. Status trumps Grace.

Oct 232015

That poverty causes crime may be doubted: what is certain is that crime causes poverty.

Sep 082015

Hallmark and Instagram are just two of the many fortunes to be made by permitting humans to communicate without the inconvenient obligation of articulate speech.

Aug 122015

Money declares our trust in God, Who has observed our trust in money.

Jul 272015

Last to the meeting is most powerful, and apotheosis consists in not showing up at all.

Jul 202015

Having money is frequently confused with not having to think about it.