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You never find people endeavoring to convince you that you may live very happily upon a plentiful fortune.

Jan 022019

Consumer capitalism isn’t soulless, quite the contrary: it provides consumers with the option of outsourcing their souls.

Dec 252018

Anyone who has not invested in his own recommendations has no skin in the game; and anyone who has is talking his book.

Dec 192018

Capitalism is a daily exercise in getting what you want without knowing what you want.

Dec 042018

It’s good luck to attribute one’s success to good luck.

Nov 142018

Unable to reach the grapes, we conclude first that they are sour, and later, after meditating deeply, that sweetness is not worth having.

Sep 032018

The Two Laws of Pop Economics

1. What looks public-spirited is, in fact, greedy.
2. What looks greedy is, in fact, public-spirited.

May 312018

Boilerplate, n.   The section of a contract in which you waive all your rights in perpetuity.

May 032018

It’s a lot less fun to pursue power, wealth, and status if you can’t use them to get women.