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You never find people endeavoring to convince you that you may live very happily upon a plentiful fortune.

Dec 182019

Reasoning to broad, correct conclusions is like beating the market: it happens, but not to you.

Nov 192019

The nostalgia is not for poverty but for the social bonds that poverty demands and cements.

Nov 152019

The capitalists will sell the communists the rope with which they will jointly hang the remaining holdouts against our glorious corpo-progressive future.

Nov 082019

All motives are base; some actions are noble.

Oct 072019

What you get is, to a first approximation, what you want.

Sep 182019

If no man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money, then world literature is almost entirely the province of blockheads.

Aug 132019

It is crime, of all fields, that most attracts the woefully underqualified.

Jul 242019

To learn the status of an identity, count how many people fake it.