You never find people endeavoring to convince you that you may live very happily upon a plentiful fortune.

Jan 252017

Most of us have finally learned to stop glamorizing poverty; now if we could only learn to stop glamorizing wealth.

Dec 192016

So many arguments won, and still no spoils.

Nov 212016

We despise capitalism, democracy, and technology not for giving us what we want, but for showing us what we want.

Nov 032016

Money makes all things possible, such as not caring about money.

Oct 282016

It is difficult, when you are poor and obscure, to persuade anyone of your indifference to wealth and fame.

Oct 202016

The lottery ticket is cheap, it’s the hope that’s expensive.

Sep 152016

The shrewdest strivers all profess a deep and abiding respect for intellect, provided it keeps its distance.

Sep 072016

With his philanthropy the tycoon assuages his guilt for the good he has done with his business.

May 162016

The Four Irrational Beliefs of Highly Effective People

1. Optimism
2. Control
3. Forecasting ability
4. All-around superiority