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You never find people endeavoring to convince you that you may live very happily upon a plentiful fortune.

Oct 212021

Every charitable foundation does more harm than good, if it lasts long enough, eventually falling into the hands of people who wish to run charitable foundations.

Oct 062021

Big business has long aspired to be big government’s executor, and it nears its end.

Aug 302021

It is not enough that we have more; they must have less.

Aug 242021

If you fear giant multinational corporations, bent only on turning a profit, just wait until they develop other interests.

Aug 092021

Our ancestors attributed to the gods the vicissitudes of the weather, and we attribute to the President the vicissitudes of the stock market.

Aug 062021

We are to the immense wealth that swaddles us and the conditions that produced it as a fish to water — scarcely aware of it and shortly dead without it.

Jul 152021

One pays moderately for the item and immoderately to keep others from having it.

Jun 222021

Having It All — in which the first word represents desultory acquisition, the second conformity, and the third inability to choose.