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Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing; a confusion of the real with the ideal never goes unpunished.

Jan 312014

You can divorce your wife but not your generation.

Dec 182013

A man will often marry a woman when he has grown tired of courting her.

Sep 272013

Only women who dress well undress well.

Sep 132013

When a man publicly declares that he loves his wife he means he doesn’t like her.

Jul 242013

If choice trumped biology, men would divorce their children instead of their wives.

Jul 112013

If the object of desire is rich, we call it gold-digging; if handsome, lust; if clever, fascination; and if he has no discernible appeal, we call it love.

Jul 032013

Once you see human interaction as a contest to signal mating fitness, you never see it as anything else.

Jun 102013

When a woman tells a man she’s married, she means she doesn’t want to sleep with him; when a man tells a woman he’s married, he means he’s heterosexual.

May 242013

The more logical feminists, beginning by giving up sex roles, end by giving up sex.

May 022013

Spouses never quite forgive each other their existence before they met.