If it had been your exact thought you would have used my exact words.

Jun 042018

Writers are sometimes described as dissipating their books in talk, as though speaking your thoughts bars you from writing them down.

May 112018

Essay, n.   An aphorism that hasn’t quite coalesced.

May 072018

We are exhorted to show regard for future generations, in books that they will have to sort through and throw away.

Apr 302018

Grisham’s Law: Bad books drive out good.

Apr 242018

The makers of history know too little of how it will turn out, and the writers know too much.

Apr 202018

We would have far fewer and far better books if they could only be published posthumously.

Apr 112018

Always speak Truth to Power, once you’re sure Power isn’t going to option your novel.

Mar 072018

Prose should rarely be poetic, and poetry never.

Dec 132017

Never read your old writing. It will displease you, or worse, please you.