If it had been your exact thought you would have used my exact words.

May 302017

When one hears that a public figure hates journalists, it may be true; but what will be certain is that journalists hate him.

Mar 222017

Sarcasm is the lowest form of esotericism.

Feb 172017

Writers can write nonsense without ill effect. It is when readers put up with, then expect, and finally demand it that civilization ends.

Feb 032017

The only hope for truly execrable prose is to call it poetry and break the lines in odd places.

Nov 112016

If you believe the reviewers when they call you a genius, you will believe them when they call you a fool.

Nov 092016

What you don’t know you can’t leave out.

Oct 262016

If you must write for an audience, why not the one you want to have?

Oct 182016

Literary talent consists largely in pronouncing sonorous absurdities with absolute conviction.

Jul 282016

Nobody writes for the love of it. At best you write because it is less painful than not writing.