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If it had been your exact thought you would have used my exact words.

Jun 152021

Poetry is language at its limit, as math is logic at its limit; and poetry anxiety, like math anxiety, is only the realization that comprehension requires effort, and the fear that even then it may never arrive.

May 142021

It is a landmark in a writer’s career when he first finds his work put to purposes of which he does not approve.

May 052021

A two-dollar word will also debit two dollars from your account when you use it incorrectly.

Apr 092021

A regular reviewer, whose fodder must by its nature be mostly mediocre or worse, can discharge his responsibilities to his readers only by continual pans, often of his friends and acquaintances; and this is more than human nature can bear.

Feb 262021

There is a certain type of purveyor of ideas, too stupid to be anything but candid, which makes him useful, like the canary in a coal mine.