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If it had been your exact thought you would have used my exact words.

Aug 222022

The typical academic bibliography buries the three books the author has plagiarized among hundreds that he has scarcely opened.

May 032022

The crisis is not that the press is distrusted: the press has always been distrusted. The crisis is that this has finally dawned on the press.

Apr 292022

The ability to devise a good story has nothing in common with the ability to write tolerable prose.

Apr 042022

To publish one’s work is to send a grown child out into the world: henceforth it will have to fend for itself.

Mar 212022

The plagiarist, no matter what he says in public, never feels remorse. He regards himself as cheated out of his own thoughts and words by the sheer bad luck of someone else having written them first.

Jan 192022

Our age, for all its weakness, reigns unchallenged in calumny and vitriol: no Mirabeaus, few Robespierres, and everywhere Marats.

Jan 182022

A reader more intelligent than the writer will read more than the writer intended, a reader less intelligent will read less, and a reader equally intelligent will read something entirely different.