Identity, that spectator of what he calls himself,
That net and aggregate of energies in transient combination.

Jan 142016

Doubt the tale while you live it, lest you fall
Victim to its retrospective pall.

Jan 062016

When we are exhorted to be practical, realistic, or grown-up, it is always in service of something hideous.

Jan 012016

You can have a new experience by attending to a familiar one.

Dec 232015

One becomes fit for company by learning to do without it.

Dec 222015

The cheerful impose on the cheerless at least as much as the other way around.

Dec 162015

The parsimonious explanation for why you feel like a fraud is that you are one.

Dec 012015

The secret to extreme longevity is spite.

Nov 272015

We take so little trouble to please our friends and so much to placate our enemies.

Nov 242015

The pettier the grievance, the louder the complaint.

Oct 292015

All are born earnest: a few achieve frivolity.