You never find people endeavoring to convince you that you may live very happily upon a plentiful fortune.

Jul 272015

Last to the meeting is most powerful, and apotheosis consists in not showing up at all.

Jul 202015

Having money is frequently confused with not having to think about it.

Jul 082015

Halving your actual possessions doubles your effective ones.

Jun 012015

Men sometimes stumble into vast fortunes, despite manifest incompetence, bad character, and borderline imbecility. Never give up.

May 112015

Robes always dignify begging — saffron for the Buddhist monk, black for the college president.

Mar 192015

A few bucks: In American parlance, a sum either a great deal more or a great deal less than you wish to represent.

Jan 052015

Success, n.   A not entirely unbroken record of failure.