Manufacturing stupidity.

May 172017

Who, after seven hours a day, five days a week, nine months a year in school, hasn’t thought, at least once, about shooting up the place?

Apr 262017

Elite is a rather flattering term for what is in fact a clutch of overgrown teacher’s pets.

Mar 142017

Discipline, n.   A field of study in which little discipline is exhibited.

Feb 082017

The medieval church had a juster claim as guardian of the life of the mind than the contemporary university.

Feb 062017

Classroom, n. A factory that turns imperishable works of the human spirit into assignments.

Dec 292016

What schoolteachers like to call problems are in fact exercises. Avoiding exercises is an example of a real problem.

Apr 082016

To lie to children efficiently you need school; to lie to them uniformly you need public school.