Identity, that spectator of what he calls himself,
That net and aggregate of energies in transient combination.

Jan 082020

There’s no shame in being wrong, only in not paying for it.

Jan 032020

Envy wants to see its object diminished, but would prefer not to do the work itself.

Jan 022020

A fierce and irresolvable conflict rages in the human heart between the desire to kill your enemies and the desire to keep them alive for a while so you can take more of their stuff.

Dec 272019

We have become too cool for deontology, yet remain too stupid for consequentialism.

Dec 192019

I find, with age, more and more people of whom I approve in theory but not in practice.

Dec 112019

The Principles of Practical Politics

1. Gain power
2. Keep power
3. Whatever you think your political principles are

Dec 102019

How he kills himself says a lot about a man.

Dec 022019

Feelings of inferiority are usually benign and amply justified; it’s feelings of superiority that are the menace.

Nov 272019

We have been taught to find ourselves, to lose ourselves, to love ourselves, respect ourselves, forgive ourselves: only our selves are lacking.