You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

Apr 032015

The hypochondriac makes his own death a bad joke.

Mar 242015

It is a race, and the parodists are losing.

Mar 052015

Bore is commutable; dullard is life without parole.

Feb 132015

You understand another language not when you can translate it, but when you no longer have to.

Feb 062015

The modern world does not create our ills; it only drags them into the light.

Jan 212015

Moral equality is to equality what moral victory is to victory.

Jan 202015

Great geniuses possess no extraordinary qualities, only ordinary qualities in exceptional measure.

Jan 192015

A culture without shame has its disadvantages, but it is rough on blackmailers.

Jan 092015

People never appreciate how I cringe for them.