The obscurest epoch is today.

Mar 032016

Humanity stayed poor through centuries of philosophy, and got rich when Watt perfected the steam engine.

Feb 092016

Great general causes, in history, are the tinder: chance is the match.

Jan 222016

I want to visit the future to see how many parodies have entered the history books.

Jan 132016

It is the disappearance of slavery in reality that has caused its profusion in metaphor.

Nov 042015

The Puritans labored, not to persuade God to elect them — that was decided — but to show the neighbors that He had. Status trumps Grace.

Oct 302015

Historical figures are vectors, with magnitude and direction.

Oct 262015

Man begins by treating objects as agents; then he grows scientific, and treats agents as objects.

Oct 142015

The cure for whoring after the new is to learn how old it is.

Oct 062015

The tyrant concerned for his historical reputation must concentrate his fire on the inarticulate, who don’t leave pesky memoirs behind. Kill peasants, not Jews.