If it had been your exact thought you would have used my exact words.

May 082019

Censorship is the appropriate punishment for writing that the censor understands.

Apr 082019

The number of sources read by the author varies inversely with the length of the bibliography.

Mar 212019

Writing is irresponsible, and aphorism is the most irresponsible form of writing.

Feb 082019

It is tempting to license writers, if only so the ones who write about how difficult writing is can have theirs revoked.

Feb 072019

The purpose of writing is to assemble a zombie army.

Feb 052019

Pure poetry, n.   A polite term for an especially execrable piece of prose.

Jan 102019

If you write for yourself, keep it out of my sight.

Nov 232018

The talent to be memorable carries the obligation to be wise.