You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

Sep 092016

Nothing is too serious to look trivial on television.

Sep 062016

The most attractive characteristic of the city dweller is his incuriosity about the neighbors.

Aug 312016

How quickly we recover from being stunned into silence.

Aug 112016

You can be sure that everyone has heard the news when you are told to keep it to yourself.

Jul 272016

Worship of youth ends in contempt for age.

Jul 262016

People who back their wheelchairs into you never apologize. Such is the insouciance of the officially oppressed.

Jul 222016

A scandal is only a story that you already know.

Jul 212016

You don’t like your friends, necessarily: you like knowing them.

Jul 192016

It must be dreary to be the voice of one’s generation.