You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

Apr 052018

It was a distinctively contemporary utopia, a world in which one was never contradicted.

Mar 222018

A proper cultural revolution requires a proper culture to revolt against.

Mar 192018

If you want to be cruel, learn to be polite.

Mar 142018

Nihilism, n.   The belief that your beliefs are nonsense.

Mar 122018

Clever may not be wise but it’s a start.

Feb 262018

Without the will to fire the gun is no use.

Feb 202018

My hope for the dominant culture is that it will bore itself to death.

Feb 132018

Elite, adj.   1. Distinguished by outstanding achievement. Obs.   2. On top.

Feb 012018

Thanks to the Internet, all inconsequential arguments are settled immediately, and the rest go on forever.

Jan 292018

Precocity, n.   Unusually rapid ossification.