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You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

Dec 092021

A man can be confined to an institution, from which he is often released after a term; or turned into one, which is always for life.

Nov 192021

If you don’t have anything nice to say, use an agreeable tone of voice.

Oct 222021

To avoid the obvious remark, one must also avoid remarking on avoiding the obvious remark.

Oct 112021

The Ninth Circle is reserved for the optimists, who continuously inform their fellow denizens that they prefer heat to cold anyway, that rolling a boulder up a mountain for eternity is good exercise, and that one should always look on the bright side.

Sep 232021

If whatever you want and think is permitted, then you live in a free society, as far as you know.

Sep 162021

We have reached the point in the history of the West where improvements in small things can no longer mask declines in large ones.

Aug 252021

There exists a possible world where adults do not tattle on adults to other adults because they don’t like their language.

Aug 162021

When abusing someone, always pick on qualities that he was born with or cannot change: tomorrow he may be sober.