You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

Feb 132019

Sometimes the contagion is the thing, sometimes its expression: mirth and yawning are contagious, laughter and boredom are not.

Jan 252019

The lower the latitude, the greater the lassitude.

Jan 242019

An opinion not worth fearing isn’t worth having.

Jan 152019

Only when no one pays the slightest attention to what anyone else is saying will speech be truly free.

Dec 272018

Imbecility, like many infectious diseases, has asymptomatic carriers.

Dec 242018

What is privilege? A term — beloved by parents, nuns, schoolmarms, jailers — to describe what doesn’t belong to you, and can be revoked at any time without reason or warning.

Nov 262018

Inside every thin man is a fat man struggling to get out.

Nov 212018

To the befuddled I recommend a serene air of quiet dignity.

Nov 122018

Intolerance, n.   Insufficient deference to received opinion.