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You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

Feb 282023

Of all avocations the grimmest must be politics. The one thing nobody seems to get out of it is fun.

Jan 302023

Ostracism, as the Greeks understood, is the cruelest punishment.

Jan 102023

“Have a nice day”, by convention, always closes an effort to spoil it.

Dec 292022

Anarchists are scarce but anarcho-this and anarcho-thats are thick on the ground; what follows the hyphen is the dream.

Dec 122022

I am multitasking. You are distracted. He is scatter-brained.

Nov 232022

We have laws against private usury, yet where are the laws against public uxory?

Nov 162022

We are pleased when the serious man clowns, dismayed when the clown turns serious.