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You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

Oct 312023

Every diatribe against credentialism begins with a recitation of the author’s credentials.

Oct 032023

That there is no difference, in practice, between stupid and evil is only an instance of the more general principle that there is none between can’t and won’t.

Sep 262023

Accurate measurement created much of the modern world, not least its tendency to take variation for apocalypse.

Sep 202023

It was the best of both worlds, it was the worst of both worlds.

Sep 122023

Marxism tamed revolution by rendering it “scientific”, inevitable, a matter of the right ingredients in the right proportions, like chemistry. What has been tamed will be vulgarized, and it is Marx himself who is the true father of Che on a t-shirt.

Aug 292023

Every accomplished torturer serves a long apprenticeship, beginning on insects, proceeding, if he shows sufficient relish, to small animals, and only then moving up to human beings.

Aug 232023

The last one to leave won’t have to turn out the lights: the power will have failed long since.