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You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

Nov 232022

We have laws against private usury, yet where are the laws against public uxory?

Nov 162022

We are pleased when the serious man clowns, dismayed when the clown turns serious.

Oct 312022

Automated spell-check is an object lesson in tail risk: it reduces the number of errors, but by attempting to correct them with actual words, renders each a potential catastrophe.

Oct 262022

No matter how the world appears to be improving, it always feels like it’s falling apart.

Oct 202022

Every group exists by discriminating, and every campaign against its discrimination is a campaign against the group.

Oct 132022

All Canadians are experts on American politics in the way all childless people, who experience children mostly as squalling public nuisances, are experts on child-rearing.

Sep 262022

At every public lecture the audience, no matter how small, includes at least one member who doesn’t have a question, exactly, more like a comment.