You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

Nov 062019

Suicide will never be common; it requires imagination.

Oct 302019

The realistic, democratic, and inclusive standard for beauty is ugliness.

Oct 212019

If it weren’t for politics, I would have to refuse more invitations.

Sep 262019

It isn’t tolerance unless you disapprove.

Sep 252019

It is less important, now, to have something to say than someone to listen.

Sep 192019

The people whose intelligence is argued over are, as a class, more intelligent than the people who argue over it.

Aug 232019

The up-to-date bully yells for help while he’s beating you up.

Aug 192019

It is less dangerous to follow, by being last to start applauding, than to lead, by being first to stop.

Aug 162019

Children are in fact aliens who employ cunning miniature bodies for purposes of unlimited moral license.