You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

Jan 242018

Those who disagree with us used to be evil, and then they were stupid: now they are ill.

Jan 232018

We moderns have mastered the seemingly impossible trick of feeling superior to ourselves.

Jan 162018

The greater good is distant and speculative: the lesser evil required to achieve it is immediate and certain.

Dec 292017

All popular conceptions of genius are meticulously constructed to flatter mediocrity.

Dec 222017

Today we publish all of our thoughts, except the interesting ones.

Dec 142017

The conservative is a degenerate reactionary who, unable to decide where to set the clock, defaults to now.

Nov 272017

It is astonishing what a lab coat will let you get away with.

Nov 212017

Dissent requires the willingness to set aside a few evenings, dissidence the occasional weekend.

Nov 142017

Let us give thanks to all who disagree with us stupidly, without whom we would have so little to say.