You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

Aug 272018

To rebut the charge of being a weenie is to be a weenie.

Aug 132018

The phone completes your sentences and soon it will complete your thoughts.

Aug 062018

If you simply must go to the demonstration, get a sitter.

Jul 312018

Announcing that you will not be silenced should be legal grounds for doing so.

Jul 272018

You can stay in a huff forever, but not the same huff.

Jul 192018

Fool-proof is difficult, genius-proof is impossible.

Jun 222018

It turns out to be entirely possible to know where you’re going and not where you came from, and vice versa.

May 302018

Youth has a natural horror of age, and one gradually learns to reciprocate.

May 212018

The dissolute and profligate can always be depended on to preach sobriety and thrift; today it is the sober and thrifty who refuse to do so.