You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

May 252017

No man is great enough to do without his place and time.

May 232017

I hope not to run dry
Too long before I die.

May 112017

From nagging child to menopausal witch:
Unripe to rotten with scarcely a hitch.

May 082017

Thoughts and prayers galore —
What are they thinking of, and praying for?

Mar 292017

To converse while standing is difficult; to orate while sitting is impossible.

Mar 282017

We are asked to be tolerant when we are expected to approve.

Mar 062017

Anti-colonialism, n.   The belief that local traditional cultures must be protected and preserved, unless they involve Christianity or NASCAR.

Mar 032017

Plastic surgery has done more for human happiness than psychopharmacology.