Sep 262017

To become a god, first stay out of sight.

Sep 252017

Actual tyrannies require courage to oppose.

Sep 222017

It would have occurred to approximately no one in history to ask if what he was doing made him happy.

Sep 212017

Influential books usually have a few readers, who usually have a great many.

Sep 202017

There’s no harm in opinions, as long as you don’t believe them.

Sep 182017

A class of failed disciplines — psychiatry, education, macroeconomics — unable to raise the mean, lower the variance and declare victory.

Sep 162017

If policy simply achieved its ends, a new outlet would have to be found for the ingenuity expended in its defense.

Sep 152017

It is in fields where expertise is dubious or bogus that practitioners stress the importance of deferring to expertise.

Sep 142017

To write something that could not have been written any other way usually takes several drafts.

Sep 132017

We ought to think of the present as if it were the past; instead we think of the past as if it were the present.