Everything – Page 50 – A book of aphorisms
Mar 062019

Maybe it was the nerds who were evil all along.

Mar 052019

It is dishonest to make a special point of not lying.

Mar 042019

Inversion marches under the banner of Equality.

Mar 012019

No sensible ruler tries to suppress ideas. It is a comparatively simple matter to suppress their implementation.

Feb 282019

The Two Kinds of Useful Books

1. Technical, scientific, mathematical
2. Hurts your feelings

Feb 272019

The Fundamental Law of Psychology: The more objectionable the finding, the likelier it is to be replicated.

Feb 262019

Nothing is more depressing than an unceasing barrage of uplift.

Feb 252019

Fiction: imaginary people, real problems. Sports: imaginary problems, real people.

Feb 222019

The more you believe in the moral worth of your cause, the more willing you are to commit dubious deeds in its behalf; and perfect righteousness implies complete fluidity.

Feb 212019

The market may not be smarter than everyone — just everyone I know.