Everything – Page 50 – A book of aphorisms
Nov 012019

Ideas spread when the people who hold them move, and perish when the people who hold them die.

Oct 312019

Journalism is the first draft of history, shortly to reside with all other first drafts.

Oct 292019

The three dominant political ideologies of the past century are fascism, communism, and autism.

Oct 252019

We invent most of what we purport to find in art, which we call great when our stories about it please us sufficiently.

Oct 242019

There is in America an unbridgeable psychological divide, made manifest every April 15th, between those who receive checks from the government and those who write them.

Oct 232019

Somehow, in democracies, a great many policies get implemented that almost no one will admit to being in favor of.

Oct 222019

Lies are products, and supply must be commensurate with demand.

Oct 212019

If it weren’t for politics, I would have to refuse more invitations.