Everything – Page 50 – A book of aphorisms
Mar 102021

What is praise for the living but the wistful hope that someday, somehow, it will be requited?

Mar 092021

There will always be witches, because there will always be witch-hunters to supply them.

Mar 082021

Humanity will extinguish itself not by suicide, which is too dignified, but by accident, a household mishap like swallowing paint thinner, on a planetary scale.

Mar 052021

Inequality is the one unforgivable heresy, and all the conventional pieties conspire to disguise its existence.

Mar 042021

Some men feed on opprobrium: the scorn of the crowd assures them of their own unbending integrity.

Mar 032021

The illusion it affords of objectivity is conversion’s great appeal: the convert, though once a fanatic, has learned his lesson, and today’s belief is informed exclusively by a sober consideration of its merits.

Mar 022021

Quotation device, n.   A man whose memory surpasses his wit; whose conversation consists largely or exclusively of other people’s words. Cf. citation device.

Feb 262021

There is a certain type of purveyor of ideas, too stupid to be anything but candid, which makes him useful, like the canary in a coal mine.

Feb 252021

I would far rather be ruled by the football team than the computer club, let alone the debate team, student government, or model U.N.