Everything – Page 80 – A book of aphorisms
Jan 152020

Only moderns, criminals, and small children regard a desire for something as a sign that they ought to have it.

Jan 142020

Occam’s Razor accounts not for the world’s simplicity, but for our own.

Jan 132020

The best defense against insanity is hypocrisy.

Jan 102020

Civilization depends on exclusion — what and whom to get rid of, what and whom not to let in in the first place.

Jan 092020

Sixty years ago we were repressed, and there were a few things it was dangerous to say. Today we are liberated, and there are a great many.

Jan 082020

There’s no shame in being wrong, only in not paying for it.

Jan 072020

The only class struggle is the bourgeoisie against itself.

Jan 032020

Envy wants to see its object diminished, but would prefer not to do the work itself.

Jan 022020

A fierce and irresolvable conflict rages in the human heart between the desire to kill your enemies and the desire to keep them alive for a while so you can take more of their stuff.