Everything – Page 80 – A book of aphorisms
May 102019

The common enemy that cements the bonds of the squadron in war is, in theory, the opposing army; in practice it is the brass.

May 092019

To pretend that everybody rules is the shortest way to get your hands on everybody’s stuff.

May 082019

Censorship is the appropriate punishment for writing that the censor understands.

May 072019

Unwanted attention: What men give other women.

May 062019

Conversation gets especially high praise from people who never shut up.

May 032019

There are two kinds of philosophers: those who begin with the conclusions, and fill in with egregious reasoning; and those who begin with the reasoning, and arrive at egregious conclusions.

May 022019

Some men I would trust with my life, others with returning a borrowed book, almost none with both.

May 012019

Nothing is more democratic than a mob.

Apr 302019

Unity is what you call for when you win.