Jan 042017

Ugliness, incompetence, immaturity: these have become ideologies — no longer failures but ends in themselves.

Jan 032017

A better version of oneself will be someone else.

Jan 022017

Most of the enlistees in a struggle against oppression regard it merely as a struggle for spoils; the rest are insane.

Dec 302016

Accidents happen not when alarms fail to go off, but when they go off too often.

Dec 292016

What schoolteachers like to call problems are in fact exercises. Avoiding exercises is an example of a real problem.

Dec 282016

Small advances come from fixing what’s broken, great ones from breaking what’s fixed.

Dec 272016

There are ways to praise a book that discourage reading it.

Dec 262016

Noble deeds, performed without regard for reputation or reward, would be more common if there was just some way to get the word out.

Dec 232016

You don’t build machines smarter than the designer for the same reason you don’t write novels with characters smarter than the author.

Dec 222016

To imagine oneself facing an unpleasant truth — few sensations are as pleasant.