Everything – Page 90 – A book of aphorisms
Jan 252018

Age would be a lot more use to Youth than the other way around.

Jan 242018

Those who disagree with us used to be evil, and then they were stupid: now they are ill.

Jan 232018

We moderns have mastered the seemingly impossible trick of feeling superior to ourselves.

Jan 222018

A government not of men but of laws — written by men, interpreted by men, and enforced by men.

Jan 192018

The stupid kids turned out to be not quite as stupid as we thought, and the smart kids nowhere near as smart.

Jan 182018

There is a level of generality — the airport-book level — on which every thesis is exactly as plausible as its opposite.

Jan 172018

We say that the perfect is the enemy of the good when we mean that the adequate is the enemy of the shoddy.

Jan 162018

The greater good is distant and speculative: the lesser evil required to achieve it is immediate and certain.

Jan 152018

Understanding looks, to others, like forgiveness; and forgiveness, to oneself, like understanding.

Jan 122018

No complicated idea has ever had much influence in the world.