Mar 142017

Discipline, n.   A field of study in which little discipline is exhibited.

Mar 132017

If orchestral performances were movies, the instrumentalists would be celebrated, the conductor credited, and the composer unmentioned.

Mar 102017

You can’t tell a man what he doesn’t know he doesn’t know.

Mar 092017

We have a lot of use for computers, but they will not have much use for us.

Mar 072017

Those who say they don’t believe in love, or art, or politics, or God, always believe acutely, piercingly, in their disbelief.

Mar 062017

Anti-colonialism, n.   The belief that local traditional cultures must be protected and preserved, unless they involve Christianity or NASCAR.

Mar 032017

Plastic surgery has done more for human happiness than psychopharmacology.

Mar 022017

Not to opine in public on matters that surpass one’s understanding — this is the most neglected of civic duties.

Mar 012017

Every discipline attempts to transfer sovereignty from the consumer to the producer; “professionalism” is our name for a successful coup.