Everything – Page 160 – A book of aphorisms
Apr 132016

If you find an argument difficult to answer, it might be true.

Apr 122016

Only the young die suddenly; the rest of us die slowly, long before we expire.

Apr 112016

The most vicious arguments are over how to count things.

Apr 082016

To lie to children efficiently you need school; to lie to them uniformly you need public school.

Apr 072016

If all writing were scrupulously edited for spelling and grammar, it would be just about as bad.

Apr 062016

To believe again is almost unheard of; to believe still is as common as dirt.

Apr 052016

You don’t signal your opinions, you signal with them.

Apr 042016

Hypochondriacs also get sick, and paranoids also have enemies.

Mar 312016

To plant an idea in a man’s mind, persuade him not that it is true but that it is his own.