Aug 232013

Any discipline that aspires to predict the future must first predict the past.

Aug 222013

They laughed at Edison, they laughed at Fulton, and they laughed at every hopeless crackpot.

Aug 202013

We are such accomplished liars because we get so much practice on ourselves.

Aug 192013

Professional courtesy is a conspiracy against the public.

Aug 162013

No one can be bought, but everyone can be rented.

Aug 152013

The best possible recommendation is from someone who hates it for a reason that would make you like it.

Aug 142013

Programming is nothing more than describing exactly what you want.

Aug 132013

The cliché is not the hackneyed phrase, but the hackneyed train of thought of which it is the natural product.

Aug 122013

Many people kill themselves because they are tired of repeating themselves.