Jan 242020

Ordinary men can do abominable things, abominable men can do magnificent things, and whatever you think you know about a man it’s not enough.

Jan 232020

Utter dissociation of thought and action is normal; for its opposite we reserve special terms, like saint, or fanatic, or fool.

Jan 222020

The critic’s indispensable service is not to praise greatness, which makes its own way in the world, but to refrain from praising mediocrity, which requires his assistance.

Jan 212020

The neuroses of the village can now be disseminated with the speed and efficiency of an advanced civilization.

Jan 172020

It is natural, if you believe that speech is violence, to believe that violence is speech.

Jan 162020

Anti-Semitism is marvelously economical; you can hate communism, globalism, the academy, television, international finance, journalism, and Hollywood, all at the same time.

Jan 152020

Only moderns, criminals, and small children regard a desire for something as a sign that they ought to have it.

Jan 142020

Occam’s Razor accounts not for the world’s simplicity, but for our own.

Jan 132020

The best defense against insanity is hypocrisy.