Nov 192019

The nostalgia is not for poverty but for the social bonds that poverty demands and cements.

Nov 182019

It would not be possible for school to make us as stupid as it does without our native gifts.

Nov 152019

The capitalists will sell the communists the rope with which they will jointly hang the remaining holdouts against our glorious corpo-progressive future.

Nov 142019

It has always conferred status to consume tax revenue, and opprobrium to produce it.

Nov 132019

Everyone is in favor of upward social mobility; the other direction is more controversial.

Nov 122019

The two worst generations are the next one and the last one, in that order.

Nov 112019

Problems without solutions do less harm than solutions without problems.

Nov 082019

All motives are base; some actions are noble.

Nov 062019

Suicide will never be common; it requires imagination.