Everything – Page 20 – A book of aphorisms
Apr 292020

There are two kinds of governments: those, like absolute monarchies, that tell their subjects frankly who rules them; and those, like democracies, that lie about it.

Apr 282020

No matter how bad your argument is, you can be sure it’s not original.

Apr 232020

We police others’ moods even more strictly than we police their thoughts.

Apr 222020

Competence dwarfs all other virtues, and nearly every moral system ever devised aims first at disguising that fact.

Apr 202020

There are no double standards, only invidious criteria.

Apr 172020

As the short way to evil is to try to look good, so the short way to stupid is to try to look clever.

Apr 162020

The money is always for something, but the service often differs from the job description.