Everything – Page 20 – A book of aphorisms
Jan 062022

The ideal subject population must be able to absorb the regime’s propaganda as well as willing to believe it — credulous, but literate.

Dec 292021

To write, to attempt to bring a stranger to one’s view by words alone, shows the deepest faith in human nature: the confirmed skeptic becomes a devout missionary when he puts it on the page.

Dec 282021

Biography is open to any writer who possesses industry without talent. If he also lacks industry, there is memoir.

Dec 272021

There is a limit to the number of people who can be sanely ruled under a single polity, a Dunbar’s Number for governance. It is probably greater than 150 and certainly less than 300 million.

Dec 242021

Some jobs you keep only if you solve the problem you are charged with, others only if you don’t.