Everything – Page 20 – A book of aphorisms
Sep 252020

You think your political opponents are unqualified to vote, they think the same of you, and you’re both right.

Sep 242020

There are men who believe in a government of laws, not men; but they are not the men who govern.

Sep 212020

One obtains a reputation for prophecy by predicting what is already happening that no one else has noticed.

Sep 172020

To imagine oneself rejected on the basis of race, sex, or creed must be a great comfort, pushing away, as it does, the idea of more personal rejection.

Sep 162020

An unexpected consequence of social media has been to make public begging respectable.

Sep 152020

Most things are too big, and the bigger they get the worse they are.

Sep 142020

About a century ago “poet” became a polite term for half-wit, and then it was “artist”, and it will be “scientist” sooner than you think.