Sep 102019

The proper end of politics is not to make life pleasant for yourself, your friends, and your allies, but to make it miserable for those whom you hate, envy, and fear.

Sep 092019

You are not better than this. You are not worse than this. You are exactly this.

Sep 062019

The best places don’t let people in, and the worst don’t let them out.

Sep 052019

Natural selection surely favors a disposition to attribute success to factors under one’s control.

Sep 042019

Never confess at the show trial. They shoot you anyway, then kill your wife and children.

Sep 032019

Parents go to considerable trouble and expense to provide their children instruction in how to hate them.

Sep 022019

A truth is sometimes told in public, but almost always by accident.

Aug 302019

Christianity is like life insurance: you have to die to collect.

Aug 292019

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward plagiarism.

Aug 282019

When the benighted differ with me, it is only natural, for they are benighted. When they do not, it only strengthens my case, for even the benighted agree with me.