Everything – Page 20 – A book of aphorisms
Sep 022022

Apostasy always trumps heresy. Refusing to join the army may get you jailed, but deserting will get you shot.

Sep 012022

One must admire psychiatry’s enterprising spirit: not content with lobotomy, electroshock, hydrotherapy, and tranquilization, it has pressed boldly forward to gender reassignment surgery on confused adolescents.

Aug 302022

Public opinion is not what everyone believes, but what everyone believes everyone else believes.

Aug 292022

People’s confidence in their own judgment and discernment is the one commodity that should always be sold short.

Aug 262022

We so often demand that the dead meet the standards of the living, and so rarely that the living meet the standards of the dead.

Aug 242022

What is called listening usually resembles Scrabble; you look for a hook to hang your own words on.

Aug 232022

It is so much bother to steal money properly that one might as well earn it.

Aug 222022

The academic bibliography buries the ten books the author has plagiarized among hundreds that he has barely read.

Aug 192022

The cat scratches at the door the moment it closes, and is the man so very different?