Everything – Page 20 – A book of aphorisms
Jul 212020

“Artisanal” is a word to dignify the menial labor that is all that most of the workforce can manage; we will need more such words.

Jul 202020

It doesn’t matter how many people hate you, provided it’s for different sets of mutually exclusive reasons.

Jul 172020

Some are born incapable, some achieve incapacity, and some have incapacity thrust upon them.

Jul 162020

The biggest business in the world is allowing people to express thoughts and feelings that they are unable to articulate.

Jul 142020

Thinking, like plumbing, is something we rarely do for ourselves; but no one imagines that he does his own plumbing.

Jul 132020

Many supposed gold-diggers are digging not for gold but for the capacities that amassed it.

Jul 102020

It requires only belief in a few fashionable ideas to make the world a place of endless wonder and constant surprise.

Jul 092020

First we were killed by nature, then by rulers, and finally we resorted to killing ourselves.

Jul 082020

It is frequently remarked that IQ tests measure your ability to perform well on IQ tests; the same could be said, more accurately, of school.