Everything – Page 20 – A book of aphorisms
Dec 252020

Everyone has something to teach us; it is usually the valuable lesson that we need pay him no further mind.

Dec 242020

We need not search for facts that confirm our opinions: all facts confirm our opinions.

Dec 232020

Eyes glazing over is two metaphors in one: the faraway look for what one cannot understand differs from the thin film for what one does not want to hear.

Dec 222020

Rioting and looting, though usually coupled, are distinctly different interests.

Dec 182020

To alleviate boredom men will do literally anything.

Dec 172020

We first have nothing but time, then everything but time, then nothing but time, then time’s up.

Dec 152020

Nearly all great movies adhere quite rigidly to the conventions of a genre, nearly all movies that try not to do so are disasters, and so it is with lives.

Dec 142020

Being told so much more often to Look Professional and Act Professional than Be Professional, one begins to suspect that it is in looking and acting that professionalism largely consists.