Aug 162019

Children are in fact aliens who employ cunning miniature bodies for purposes of unlimited moral license.

Aug 152019

Art in which adults can take no pleasure is unfit for children.

Aug 142019

“No friends to the right” is the bedrock principle on which left and right agree.

Aug 132019

It is crime, of all fields, that most attracts the woefully underqualified.

Aug 122019

Nothing is as trashy as academic discourse about trash.

Aug 092019

A field that uncomprehendingly imitates the methods of a more prestigious field will also imitate its style: the result being writing that not even the author understands.

Aug 072019

I bring my readers the glad tidings that there’s a lot you can’t fix and shouldn’t worry about, and it doesn’t seem to make them happy.

Aug 062019

“Be honest”: An injunction to lie.

Aug 052019

Fastidiousness can defeat barbarism but not savagery.