Everything – A book of aphorisms
Mar 292023

There is no gait that a dog breed does not exemplify. Setters stalk, dachshunds scurry, Labradors amble, German shepherds skulk, terriers march.

Mar 282023

It is as misdirected to love or admire science, in the large, as poetry. One must ask after not poetry but poems, and not science but experiments.

Mar 272023

One way to mark an important event is if the people who constantly opine in public suddenly have nothing to say.

Mar 242023

I’m no misanthrope. Some of my best friends are people.

Mar 222023

No aphorism wants to be born as a cliché; every aphorism wants to die as one.

Mar 212023

Eccentric diets and exercise — vegan, paleo, ultra-marathon, yoga — advertise themselves as cures for the body; in fact they are cures for the soul, often at the body’s expense.

Mar 202023

The wish that things were otherwise, if ardent enough, becomes, by degrees, the belief that they are.

Mar 172023

Students need to see thinking in action. Instead they are shown thinking accomplished, and the two look nothing alike.