Feb 262020

Though modern society generally punishes stupidity, it allows certain specialized forms of it, often confused with intelligence, to flourish.

Feb 252020

Many academic fields are barren, most because there are no truths to discover, not a few because the practitioners are too dull to discover them.

Feb 202020

The sum of human knowledge spread before you like a banquet, free, at the touch of a screen, and with everything to choose from, you attend to — each other.

Feb 192020

Everybody complains about getting older, but nobody does anything about it.

Feb 182020

If you have become what you used to hate, you didn’t hate it all that much in the first place.

Feb 172020

Sentence first — verdict afterwards — reasons last of all.

Feb 142020

One may judge the esteem in which informants are held by comparing whistle-blower, on the one hand, with rat, nark, squealer, tattle-tale, stool-pigeon, fink, canary, and snitch, on the other.