Everything – Page 4 – A book of aphorisms
Mar 022021

Quotation device, n.   A man whose memory surpasses his wit; whose conversation consists largely or exclusively of other people’s words. Cf. citation device.

Feb 262021

There is a certain type of purveyor of ideas, too stupid to be anything but candid, which makes him useful, like the canary in a coal mine.

Feb 252021

I would far rather be ruled by the football team than the computer club, let alone the debate team, student government, or model U.N.

Feb 242021

Our politics is what we call the violence we wish to visit on our fellows and lack the strength and courage to undertake personally: a neatly-bound, clearly-labeled package of all our worst impulses.

Feb 192021

Today’s politics has no Lenins, and few Stalins, but oh so many Kerenskys.

Feb 182021

Every attack in the history of thought on the possibility of knowledge has been in service of beliefs that knowledge, were it possible, would immediately expose as false.

Feb 172021

Everyone cares less for the lives of millions of strangers than the life of his own dog; the modern derangement is to feel guilty about it.