Everything – Page 4 – A book of aphorisms
Oct 132022

All Canadians are experts on American politics in the way all childless people, who experience children mostly as squalling public nuisances, are experts on child-rearing.

Oct 122022

To tell the world how little success matters is one of the most delightful perquisites of success.

Oct 072022

A story of only exciting parts is like a wardrobe of only exciting garments.

Oct 062022

When one relative embezzles from another, it’s always the brother-in-law — just close enough for nepotism, just distant enough that he can’t be entirely trusted.

Oct 052022

Criticism, even good criticism, helps you see what the critic describes and hinders you from seeing anything else.

Oct 042022

The biggest problems are small problems, iterated indefinitely.

Oct 032022

Even public relations suffers from science-envy: it is no accident that Relativity came between Barnum and Bernays.