Everything – Page 4 – A book of aphorisms
Feb 152023

Nonsense demands fluency, of which the lack confers a certain immunity.

Feb 142023

It is often alleged of policies that they are employed in the interest of Social Darwinism; one doubts it, but if they are, they have manifestly failed.

Feb 102023

It is the moral equivalent of war, not war, that is the health of the state. Actual war is too messy and dangerous.

Feb 092023

Visconti’s The Leopard is to movies what the first Velvet Underground record is to music: almost no one sat through it, but everyone who did became a director.

Feb 082023

The idiocy of the press is limited only by the number of favorable reviews it gives your book.

Feb 062023

The management consultant, equal parts lawyer, courtier, and scapegoat, unites in himself the fees, and opprobrium, that accrue to each.

Feb 032023

A cause to die for attracts the man with little to live for.