Everything – Page 6 – A book of aphorisms
Jul 092021

Rigor, n.   Buttressing one’s dubious claims with the dubious claims of previous authors; footnotes.

Jul 062021

An underclass is what you get when stupid people practice modern mores.

Jul 052021

If you hire for competence, it is still likely that you will get incompetents; if you hire for anything else, it is certain.

Jul 022021

If you rebel against the powers that be, and win, assuming power, it is necessary, to continue your program of rebellion, to pretend to remain out of power; and this is in fact what we observe.

Jul 012021

When you find a man to admire, look immediately for sordid particulars of his life and opinions, lest you be tempted to admire him further.

Jun 292021

There’s no point in having opinions unless at least a few of them are indefensible.