Everything – Page 6 – A book of aphorisms
Nov 032023

High art exists, but high-status art is what is generally meant.

Nov 022023

Everyone has a favorite explanatory tool, which he will use, if it is all he has, to explain everything. One hopes at best to add an implement or two to the box, to spot, in the vast sea of nails, an occasional rivet or screw.

Nov 012023

The joke may write itself but it won’t be funny.

Oct 312023

Every diatribe against credentialism begins with a recitation of the author’s credentials.

Oct 302023

Sometimes you can fix your problems by finding yourself a new one.

Oct 272023

Every art depends on the great lie of discontinuity: that there are moments, beginnings, ends.

Oct 262023

No man is himself in a crisis; some rise above themselves, others fall below, and none knows which he will be until it is upon him.

Oct 252023

Why are children better at learning languages than adults? Because children are better at learning than adults.