Everything – Page 6 – A book of aphorisms
Nov 242022

One flesh, in many marriages, is no mere metaphor: the vitality of husband and wife mix, and one waxes as the other wanes.

Nov 232022

We have laws against private usury, yet where are the laws against public uxory?

Nov 222022

Youth is a terrible thing not to waste.

Nov 182022

Certain villains achieve martyrdom by the peculiar luck of being murdered by men still more villainous.

Nov 172022

Anyone who writes enough can be rendered an idiot, or a genius, by the simple expedient of direct quotation.

Nov 162022

We are pleased when the serious man clowns, dismayed when the clown turns serious.

Nov 152022

To lie, cheat, and steal may be optimally adaptive, provided one maintains a reputation for never lying, cheating, or stealing.

Nov 142022

Ability without ambition is tragedy: ambition without ability is farce.