Jun 052020

The businessman wants peace, which is good for his business; and the intellectual wants war, which is good for his.

Jun 042020

When intelligence is no longer required for survival, it is instead expended on ever more baroque ways of being wrong.

Jun 022020

The difficulty with which success imagines failure makes for hard-heartedness, and the ease with which failure imagines success makes for envy.

May 292020

The first rule of Fight or Flight Club is that there is no time to talk about Fight or Flight Club.

May 282020

Few actions scale more effectively than help. You will likely do a little harm when you try to help one person, and almost surely do a lot when you try to help a great many.

May 272020

No deed is so awful as to prevent a man from thinking well of himself even as he commits it.

May 252020

My father’s two fundamental rules for computer programming were Optimize Later and Optimize Never; and this, like so much advice about programming, also goes for life.