Everything – Page 6 – A book of aphorisms
Nov 102020

Friends accumulate, like unmatched socks; enemies are chosen advisedly.

Nov 092020

The great trick of governance, as yet imperfectly mastered, is to loot without having to fight.

Nov 062020

The lower your class, the more time and humiliation it costs you to collect your dole.

Nov 042020

If one predicts disaster, it is difficult not to be disappointed when it fails to materialize.

Nov 032020

There are atheists in foxholes, but not pacifists.

Nov 022020

Your self does not lie in what you love, still less in what you hate; or what you think, still less in what you feel: it lies in what you say and do and nothing more.

Oct 302020

In a large organization it is impossible to act alone, and every corporate and governmental imbecility that comes to your attention has been vetted by several layers of imbeciles.

Oct 292020

Many people are so bored and unhappy that they welcome a personal disaster, as a change, and especially a social disaster, as a change in which others will suffer as well.