Everything – Page 9 – A book of aphorisms
Jun 172021

If everyone were morally gray, there would remain the question of shade.

Jun 152021

Poetry is language at its limit, as math is logic at its limit; and poetry anxiety, like math anxiety, is only the realization that comprehension requires effort, and the fear that even then it may never arrive.

Jun 142021

The Fundamental Law of Fashion states that what becomes popular must be abandoned: thus the government and press must be trusted, now that everyone distrusts them.

Jun 082021

The minor benefit of exercise is that it improves your health; the major one is that it improves your looks.

Jun 072021

“How can you say that such-and-such is against X, when X is right there in its name?” This argument owes its extraordinary popularity to its utility as a trial balloon: people who swallow it will swallow anything.