Everything – Page 11 – A book of aphorisms
May 202021

The state does not require or even seek your approval, only your acquiescence.

May 182021

We affect to despise ignorant bigotry, when it is knowledgeable, highly cultivated bigotry that we really find objectionable.

May 142021

It is a landmark in a writer’s career when he first finds his work put to purposes of which he does not approve.

May 132021

The punishment for a hit is to watch your aging audience stifle their boredom while they wait for you to play it, at every show, until you quit or die.

May 122021

The micromanager constantly remarks his hatred of micromanaging, as if he were driven to it, as a last resort, by the sheer fecklessness of his underlings.

May 102021

In less than two centuries communism has established itself as the apex predator on civilization, a killing machine: one admires it as one admires a hardy but lethal virus, or the great white shark.