Everything – Page 13 – A book of aphorisms
Apr 132023

The purpose of “inclusive” language is to exclude whoever refuses or cannot be bothered to use it.

Apr 122023

We let ideas rattle around in our heads, and call it thinking.

Apr 112023

Talk of rights is usually cant; talk of human rights always is.

Apr 102023

You get to know someone, and learn to like him. Then you discover he holds opinions you find noxious, and you say, “I never knew he was like that.” He isn’t. He’s the same man you knew before he had opinions.

Apr 052023

Domestic sentiment is impossible to portray effectively in art, because it is universal, deeply felt, and always the same.

Apr 042023

How little are we ourselves, and how strenuously do we play at it!

Apr 032023

To be great is to be more than the sum of one’s parts; the usual case is to be less.

Mar 312023

Almost everything will seem to work on the right subjects, and almost nothing will on the wrong ones.