Everything – Page 13 – A book of aphorisms
Apr 232021

Never tell a man he’s funny: the idea, once implanted, is impossible, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, to dislodge.

Apr 222021

We asked first for eternal life, then eternal youth; today we plead for eternal adolescence and tomorrow for eternal infancy.

Apr 202021

Never give up what you can postpone indefinitely.

Apr 192021

The world is run by smart people’s ideas, in stupid people’s versions.

Apr 142021

For every piece of pornography, no matter how crude or explicit, critics can be found to praise its bold, transgressive, sophisticated commentary on the acts in question.

Apr 132021

If you think, you might not act, and if you don’t act, how can you be an activist?

Apr 122021

Your friends will generally put up with whatever hideous thing you say to them, as long as it isn’t true.