Everything – Page 13 – A book of aphorisms
Jul 282023

One sympathizes more and more with people as one knows them better, then less and less as one knows them better still.

Jul 272023

Journalism enjoyed a unique sunlit holiday of public trust, beginning with Murrow and ending with Woodward and Bernstein, which evokes intense nostalgia in journalists of a certain age. The historical norm, to which we have now reverted, is No Confidence Whatsoever.

Jul 262023

In sane times prizes are useless. They become useful in mad times, as negative indicators.

Jul 252023

The man who has done nothing is nothing, and “identity” is the futile quest to conceal it.

Jul 242023

Dog-whistling, n. The theory that demagogues communicate esoterically.

Jul 192023

Islam is monotheist: Allah is always and everywhere the same. Christianity is polytheist: there are German, English, Latin, African, and American Christian gods, along with extinct historical versions, all incompatible and eternally at odds

Jul 182023

Kings, prime ministers, and presidents are often imbeciles, but regents never are.

Jul 172023

At first the artist concerns himself with what to put in, and later, as he matures, with what to leave out.