Everything – Page 30 – A book of aphorisms
Dec 052022

Always consume your friends’ favorite art. It might be good, and if it isn’t, you can absorb yourself endlessly in wondering why they like it.

Dec 022022

What makes a marriage is less common interests than complementary vices.

Dec 012022

“Keeping options open” is the modern declaration of perpetual adolescence: always glutted with choices and never choosing, always becoming and never being, forever studying the menu.

Nov 292022

Eccentric behavior, like a genetic mutation, is usually deleterious, sometimes neutral, rarely beneficial, and occasionally lethal.

Nov 282022

What audiences love and critics hate is likely vulgar; what audiences hate and critics love is likely malicious.

Nov 242022

One flesh, in many marriages, is no mere metaphor: the vitality of husband and wife mix, and one waxes as the other wanes.

Nov 232022

We have laws against private usury, yet where are the laws against public uxory?