Everything – Page 30 – A book of aphorisms
Apr 112022

The characteristic maladies of our age are adult infantilism and childhood senescence.

Apr 072022

It is by his diction, not his thought, that an acolyte may be infallibly recognized. If it consists of fashionable clichés, he has been colonized by a swarm instead of a man.

Apr 062022

Popular sovereignty in a democracy comes to resemble Swiss cheese, as ambitious men carve little chunks of political power out for themselves and proof them as best they can against the vagaries of elections. Eventually nothing is left but the holes.

Apr 052022

It is unjust to require IDs to vote. What ought to be required is an accurate statement of Arrow’s impossibility theorem.

Apr 042022

To publish one’s work is to send a grown child out into the world: henceforth it will have to fend for itself.

Apr 012022

No man accounts for his failures without resort to misfortune or injustice, and when they do not exist, he invents them.