Everything – Page 30 – A book of aphorisms
Apr 092021

A regular reviewer, whose fodder must by its nature be mostly mediocre or worse, can discharge his responsibilities to his readers only by continual pans, often of his friends and acquaintances; and this is more than human nature can bear.

Apr 082021

Revolutions are staffed by those who expect to gain from the coming order, but led by those who expect to suffer, whose negligence of personal considerations betokens their righteousness, and whose zeal is commensurate with their expectation.

Apr 072021

Humans always segregate — on their most observable characteristics, when left to themselves; when interfered with, on characteristics less observable.

Apr 062021

Great geniuses, Emerson said, have the shortest biographies. They do not: but for most of us our personal history is all that we are and for them it is next to nothing.

Apr 022021

To prefer the strange to the familiar, the far to the near, is in an adolescent a pretentious and mildly endearing tic; in an adult, a disease.

Mar 312021

Behind every man who believes human nature can be remade at will stands a volunteer for the job.

Mar 302021

Fools come in two kinds: the Barren, whom nothing reminds of anything; and the Promiscuous, whom anything reminds of everything.