Everything – Page 33 – A book of aphorisms
Oct 252022

Every regime, in every era, has installed incompetents in positions of high responsibility and authority; it is our unique distinction to do so on high principle.

Oct 242022

We often profess ourselves baffled by exceptionally bad behavior, though with a little reflection we could readily understand it. Incomprehension becomes our talisman, lest if we understood more, we might resist less.

Oct 212022

To want your name known is innocuous, even healthy. To want your face known is when sickness sets in.

Oct 202022

Every group exists by discriminating, and every campaign against its discrimination is a campaign against the group.

Oct 192022

One must read widely to discover the few books to read deeply.

Oct 182022

To portray competence in detail requires a genius; to portray genius in detail requires a god.

Oct 172022

“Mind-work” is generally more mindless than “hand-work”, and the conceit of the clerks only underlines the fact.

Oct 132022

All Canadians are experts on American politics in the way all childless people, who experience children mostly as squalling public nuisances, are experts on child-rearing.

Oct 122022

To tell the world how little success matters is one of the most delightful perquisites of success.