Jan 172019

The savage’s hatred of the civilized man does little harm, unless abetted by the civilized man’s hatred of himself.

Jan 162019

Not making the same mistake twice seems exceedingly optimistic.

Jan 152019

Only when no one pays the slightest attention to what anyone else is saying will speech be truly free.

Jan 142019

There is a time in everyone’s life in which he is a silly ass. If you don’t know when it was, it’s now.

Jan 112019

Musical taste ossifies early for the same reason mathematicians peak young.

Jan 102019

If you write for yourself, keep it out of my sight.

Jan 082019

Leninism is not communist any more than Catholicism is Christian: they are programs for the respective containment of communism and Christianity.

Jan 072019

If A does X, and you ignore it, and B does X, and you condemn it, one may infer that you have more interest in A and B than in X.

Jan 042019

The stupider the idea, the more intelligent you have to be to believe it.