Everything – Page 32 – A book of aphorisms
Nov 042022

Footnote Zero, n.  The original source of a dubious, often provably false, occasionally absurd claim repeated in numerous scholarly works.

Nov 032022

Every society is ruled by its high-status beliefs; if you don’t like them, your only recourse is to lower their status.

Nov 022022

Tenure, like many privileges, is granted on the implied condition that it never be exercised.

Oct 312022

Automated spell-check is an object lesson in tail risk: it reduces the number of errors, but by attempting to correct them with actual words, renders each a potential catastrophe.

Oct 282022

Language becomes hackneyed by always being placed in the same sterile surroundings, not by any fault of its own. Dead phrases can be revivified by bashing them against each other in a novel way, like rubbing sticks together to make a fire.

Oct 262022

No matter how the world appears to be improving, it always feels like it’s falling apart.

Oct 252022

Every regime, in every era, has installed incompetents in positions of high responsibility and authority; it is our unique distinction to do so on high principle.

Oct 242022

We often profess ourselves baffled by exceptionally bad behavior, though with a little reflection we could readily understand it. Incomprehension becomes our talisman, lest if we understood more, we might resist less.