Everything – Page 10 – A book of aphorisms
May 262022

To wish for what another has can be innocent, even salutary; what eats away the soul is the wish that he not have it.

May 232022

To improve discourse on social media, I am authoritatively informed, the enlightened must be kinder, more patient, and less patronizing with the unwashed.

May 192022

Deontology for thee, but not for me.

May 182022

If the rich and accomplished were swine, they would be envied less. As it is, they are envied for being rich, accomplished, and not swine.

May 172022

Appointments are made with resignation and kept with foreboding.

May 162022

The null hypothesis is the dull hypothesis.

May 132022

A man with a fixed idea is like a small child with a secret — he tries to hide it but he cannot help himself, and before long some slight provocation will send it gushing forth.