Dec 052019

Meritocracy replaces aristocracy with bureaucracy.

Dec 042019

If hope lay in the proles, there would be no hope, but it lies in the intellectuals, and there is no hope.

Dec 032019

Those who think they are the future can’t tell you half as much about it as those who know they are the past.

Dec 022019

Feelings of inferiority are usually benign and amply justified; it’s feelings of superiority that are the menace.

Nov 282019

It is more common to talk well than to listen well, and to write well than to read well.

Nov 272019

We have been taught to find ourselves, to lose ourselves, to love ourselves, respect ourselves, forgive ourselves: only our selves are lacking.

Nov 262019

When you destroy a large tribe you produce a lot of smaller ones.

Nov 252019

People will swallow just about any story. Only when it’s not a story do we refuse to swallow it.

Nov 222019

It is to what we now call manic phases that we owe a great part of the imperishable works of human civilization.