Everything – Page 10 – A book of aphorisms
Sep 162020

An unexpected consequence of social media has been to make public begging respectable.

Sep 152020

Most things are too big, and the bigger they get the worse they are.

Sep 142020

About a century ago “poet” became a polite term for half-wit, and then it was “artist”, and it will be “scientist” sooner than you think.

Sep 112020

In any sufficiently advanced civilization, the Top will use the Bottom to bludgeon the Middle.

Sep 102020

If you throw like a girl, you probably argue like one.

Sep 082020

Humans perceive nothing as accidental, and this is no accident.

Sep 072020

Impostor syndrome, n.   The realization that you are, in fact, an impostor.

Sep 042020

If you want to know what most people’s inner lives are like, imagine the Old Testament, but starring you instead of the Jews.

Sep 032020

There is a happiness in widely-shared enforced misery that goes a long way toward explaining nostalgia for Stalinism, or broadcast television.