Everything – Page 10 – A book of aphorisms
Jan 202022

Before you ask if a man practices what he preaches, ask if what he preaches is worth practicing.

Jan 192022

Our age, for all its weakness, reigns unchallenged in calumny and vitriol: no Mirabeaus, few Robespierres, and everywhere Marats.

Jan 182022

A reader more intelligent than the writer will read more than the writer intended, a reader less intelligent will read less, and a reader equally intelligent will read something entirely different.

Jan 172022

Punishment deters less the few who suffer it than the many who fear that they might.

Jan 142022

In argument, as in battle, always leave a vanquished foe an avenue for orderly retreat.

Jan 122022

Every great racket begins as a business, becomes a movement, and eventually degenerates into a cause.

Jan 112022

To undermine a principle, profess fealty to it while insisting that every applicable case is a unique circumstance that dictates its temporary suspension.

Jan 102022

An aphorism should look wrong to half its readers and obvious to the other half.