Everything – Page 8 – A book of aphorisms
Oct 062023

First we pretend, then we demand that others pretend, and finally we punish them for not pretending.

Oct 042023

An irreducible minimum of undesirables is always with us, and the sole policy question, in many guises, is how to herd them.

Oct 032023

That there is no difference, in practice, between stupid and evil is only an instance of the more general principle that there is none between can’t and won’t.

Sep 292023

There is news today, and still you are the same.

Sep 282023

A name can confirm understanding, or confound it, but never confer it.

Sep 272023

The enduring lessons of the First World War are how not to fight a war and why not to fight one.

Sep 262023

Accurate measurement created much of the modern world, not least its tendency to take variation for apocalypse.