Everything – Page 8 – A book of aphorisms
Oct 112021

The Ninth Circle is reserved for the optimists, who continuously inform their fellow denizens that they prefer heat to cold anyway, that rolling a boulder up a mountain for eternity is good exercise, and that one should always look on the bright side.

Oct 082021

It is widely conceded that rich is better than poor, thin than fat, clever than dim, beautiful than ugly; yet the plausible inference that rich, thin, clever, beautiful people are better than poor, fat, dim, and ugly ones remains controversial.

Oct 072021

We believe only what we can afford, and our stupid or vicious beliefs usually come cheap.

Oct 062021

Big business has long aspired to be big government’s executor, and it nears its end.

Oct 042021

There is always an orthodoxy, as there is always a fish at the poker table, and if you can’t identify it then you believe it.