Everything – Page 7 – A book of aphorisms
Oct 262021

A philosopher once noted that jaywalking could be prevented by executing offenders. This may not be a point in favor of executions for jaywalking; but it is certainly a point in favor of executions.

Oct 222021

To avoid the obvious remark, one must also avoid remarking on avoiding the obvious remark.

Oct 212021

Every charitable foundation does more harm than good, if it lasts long enough, eventually falling into the hands of people who wish to run charitable foundations.

Oct 202021

To fall out of love with a writer is the first step toward understanding him.

Oct 192021

Students of animal behavior have long recognized that the characteristics of the flock cannot be inferred from the bird, or those of the hive from the bee: and so it is with men in a country, in a city, in a crowd.

Oct 182021

That boys play King of the Hill, and girls do not, explains more about the world than all of gender theory.

Oct 152021

The Zeitgeist is everywhere, but especially in bad books.

Oct 142021

The shortest way to be original is to tell the truth.