Everything – Page 5 – A book of aphorisms
Nov 172023

The proponent of an idea must be more ruthless than the Mongols. No conquest is permanent; every mind-territory is forever up for grabs.

Nov 162023

The more victims a murderer claims, the likelier it is be over politics: his grievance becomes more abstract, and an abstract grievance is apt to be political.

Nov 142023

The specialist reviews the generalist: “A thorough and knowledgeable overview… regrettably full of errors on my particular subject.”

Nov 132023

What sort of instruction is best depends on who is being taught, and what sort of government is best depends on who is being ruled.

Nov 102023

To encounter an author who writes of how things are is a great shock, from which we recover by disputing how he might wish them to be.

Nov 092023

We infer the future from the past because the past is all we have: our generalizations, like our generals, are always fighting the last war.

Nov 082023

The cardinal separation of powers is sovereignty from mass opinion, and everything that goes under the name is a halting means to that end.