Everything – Page 5 – A book of aphorisms
Jan 312023

The royal road to wealth is not to make money but to capture it.

Jan 302023

Ostracism, as the Greeks understood, is the cruelest punishment.

Jan 272023

If many hold one view, at no cost to themselves, and a few hold the contrary, at grievous expense, which carries more weight?

Jan 262023

School penalizes the student mildly for knowing less than the examiners, and harshly for knowing more.

Jan 252023

Whatever you have done, you are the sort of person who would do that.

Jan 242023

The hunger remains as keen as ever for doctrine, for dogma, and any doctrine or dogma will do.

Jan 232023

One can be ill-read on many books and well-read on a very few.

Jan 202023

The knottiest problem in contemporary etiquette is what to say about your friend’s bad art.