Everything – Page 5 – A book of aphorisms
Jun 142022

A memory lapse is a file not lost but only illegibly labeled; once located, its contents are generally intact.

Jun 102022

If luck did not exist, it would be necessary for men, to live together in society, to invent it.

Jun 082022

The hygienic metaphor — “cleansing”, “extermination”, “vermin” — always marks murderous intent.

Jun 032022

Propaganda demands endless repetition, not just of the same ideas, but in the same words.

Jun 022022

Convictions are mental furniture: they provide comfortable seating and rarely move.

Jun 012022

Talent, to a man who has it, is like water to a fish. It surrounds him, and he sees only his effort to employ it.

May 312022

Art experts concern themselves with provenance because they have no other way to spot a fake.